Friday, February 25, 2011

Oldie But Goodie

Another from my old blog archives, for my co-worker friends who have missed them.

Love Hate
I love when I smell food in the morning as I'm walking into work.
I hate when I realize that it's probably a grease trap that I'm smelling.
I love wearing clothes fresh out of the dryer, all warm and springtime fresh.
I hate when I think I have a dryer sheet stuck in my pants, when only to pull it out in a public place and realize that it's really underwear.
I love Cheetos smushed into my bologna sandwich.
Hate Cheeto dust.
Addendum: Love to lick said Cheeto dust off of my fingers.
I love going out to eat.I
love eavesdropping on customers sitting near by.
I hate when they speak sign language.
I love pretending to be blind.
I love when Kris takes me to the movies and I pretend that I'm blind.
I hate that I have an obsession for the handicap.
I love that I actually wrote a blog.
Nothing to hate about that.

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