Friday, February 25, 2011

Oldie But Goodie

Another from my old blog archives, for my co-worker friends who have missed them.

Love Hate
I love when I smell food in the morning as I'm walking into work.
I hate when I realize that it's probably a grease trap that I'm smelling.
I love wearing clothes fresh out of the dryer, all warm and springtime fresh.
I hate when I think I have a dryer sheet stuck in my pants, when only to pull it out in a public place and realize that it's really underwear.
I love Cheetos smushed into my bologna sandwich.
Hate Cheeto dust.
Addendum: Love to lick said Cheeto dust off of my fingers.
I love going out to eat.I
love eavesdropping on customers sitting near by.
I hate when they speak sign language.
I love pretending to be blind.
I love when Kris takes me to the movies and I pretend that I'm blind.
I hate that I have an obsession for the handicap.
I love that I actually wrote a blog.
Nothing to hate about that.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bieber Break-Down

Oh man. I've got it. I've caught the sickness. The Bieber Fever. I hate even having to use that term, but there is just no other way to describe it. I don't know what they do with that marketing, but is mesmerizing.

I blame it on my upbringing. I was raised in the age of New Kids On The Block, so it must be imprinted in my brain somewhere to stop and dance around while bands are doing synchronized dancing and snapping their fingers, while dancing in the rain. I think my house must have had some kind of asbestos problem and it leaked into my brain when I filled the walls with push pins to hold up my boy band posters. I even had friends who planned weddings based around them, and wore whole ensembles that were more like temples, when a New Kid had a birthday. Memories.

It's bad enough that there is a movie out, and I want to see it, but my daughter is not quite into that yet. She's four. Right now, she thinks that Mr. Schuster from Glee is her boyfriend. I have to say, she has some good taste. So alas, I have yet to see this movie. I'm not sure if it's okay for me to go and see it by myself, because I fear the theatre may think I'm a creeper. So I'll probably have to wait for it to be on video and buy the matching hoodie and purple moon shoes and dance around in the living room by myself. It will be a good time.

I was trying to get in the mood for this blog and play some Bieber music. But my Zune account is past due (I'm a poor sister), so I had to result to watching music videos of him on Yahoo Music. That was a really bad idea.

What I thought would be a blog that would take about thirty minutes, has turned into a full cardio work out. I had to stop writing and go to the emergency room because I thought I broke my hip trying to break dance during the 'Somebody to Love' video. They asked me what had happened, but I had forgot my hoodie, so it was hard to explain. But they had just waxed their floors, so my backspin was Awwweesooome!!!

It turned out it I was fine, it was just a Lego that had stabbed me. They didn't charge me for the visit, but they did let me keep the tips. That was nice of them.

I was also trying to research this coif of his. I learned this cut cost $700 to maintain. Are you crazy! I would rather look like a hobo than drop that kind of cash. I hate this cut. It never fails to remind me of Dorothy Hamill. Come on kids! I know that hair is all in your face! But I do especially like how they pretend it's not in their face and they do this weird head move to get it out of their face. It half looks like their about to hoola-hoop and half dizzy at the same time.

"What's that Lassie? Grandpa fell in the well?" Get a hair clip! I've seen this cut everywhere...but especially at Target for some reason. Most likely because that's the only place I go to. Sad life I have.

When I was looking at these images I realized how much he looks like the chick that was in that movie Matchstick Men. Have you seen this movie? Great movie. But the resemblance is uncanny.

They have to be related some kind of way. It freaks me out the more I look at it. If she would just sweep it in her eyes, or he would part it down the middle...instant twins!
Well apparently the Bieb does not have that many hits, because his video library is so short, which means this blog done! See ya at the movies!!